Ganesha IOTech 2021

Seminar & Virtual Lab

IoT National Summit is a series of events that will be open for 2 days straight. All students are welcome to apply to IoT National Summit 2021 in February 20th. Come and join us!

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Ganesha IoTech 2021

Ganesha IoTech is a program supported by “Kabinet KM ITB 2020-2021” that aim to be learning space for students to have hands-on experience about the Internet of Things and its implementation in our daily environments. The topic that Ganesha IoTech brings is “Feasibility Improvement for Smart City Development”, that will be delivered through discussion, competition, and many more to come!

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IoTeaTime IG Live Session, an interactive live talkshow using Instagram to talk about IoT-related works and their potential to change our lives.
IoTalk Webinar Series, a series of webinar talking about IoT and its application to our everyday lives to increase awareness of technology improvements.
Workshop, our interactive training aimed to increase your skills online by inviting experienced trainers to introduce business model technology and IoT development.

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IdeaX, a national IoT ideation competition for college students to solve daily problems in society.
Makersthon, a national IoT design competition for college students to create and develop IoT-based innovation in three days.

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Main Events

IoT National Summit, a series of seminar and virtual labs bringing the theme “The Internet of Things: Trends and the Future Potential”.
IoT Virtual Exhibition, our exhibition featuring scientists, tech-based companies, and competition finalists.

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Ideax Canvas Submission Deadline

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Ideax Finalist Announcement

Makersthon 3-Day Competition

Ideax Exclusive Incubation Program*

Makersthon Finalist Announcement

Makersthon Exclusive Incubation Program*

Makersthon Pitching and Awarding Day

Ideax Pitching & Awarding Day