About us

What Is Ganesha IoTech?

Ganesha IoTech is a program supported by “Kabinet KM ITB 2020-2021”. that aim to be learning space for students to have hands-on experience about the Internet of Things and its implementation in our daily environments. The topic that Ganesha IoTech brings is “Feasibility Improvement for Smart City Development”, that will be delivered through discussion, competition, and many more to come! With Smart City as the main topic, we will focus more on how to increase and further improve understanding and implementation of Smart City. We will work on more detailed factors and aspects that will make one city considered as a Smart City like Frost and Sullivan Smart City Services, Smart Governance, Smart Energy, Smart Building, Smart Mobility, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Technology, Smart Healthcare, and Smart Citizen. In Ganesha IoTech this year, we will specifically choose to improve more on Smart Mobility, Smart Building, and Smart Energy.

Our Vision

We strive to provide a learning community and an open space of innovation for our fellow students to solve the problems existing in our community by utilizing the potential of Internet of Things.

Our Mission

Our goal is to spread awareness about what Internet of Things is capable of in solving today’s problems and to hold a guided program where students can create their own technological.