IdeaX is a national scope business model competition that will challenge you as a changemaker. Here, you and your team will be required to define a problem which is backed up with field research data, soluble with IoT. The team can consist of 2 until 3 persons from the same university. For those who got hyped up on making concepts & coming up with trains of ideas, this category is perfect for you.


In Makersthon, you are the one who makes all ideas possible. By this, it means that you and your team are challenged to transform and develop the IdeaX finalist’s innovation concept into a preliminary design and are expected to come up with the IoT design products within 3 days.


Top Makers from each of 6 ideation topics with best solution will collaborate with their topic ideators, in our Incubator phases. Ideators and Makers will collaborate to create tangible yet sustainable IoT products that could impact the society.