IoTeaTime IG Live Session

IoTeatime is an interactive talkshow session presented through our Instagram platform, @ganesha_iotech, by utilizing its IG LIVE feature. In each session, we invite various speakers that have amazing experience in this IoT industry and will discuss mainly about the real creation of IoT and its potential benefit that is related with our everyday life activity. Through a light and easy-to-undestood conversation, we believe it can help new audience to be more sensitive towards the technological developments, especially IoT.

IoTalk Webinar Series

IoTalk is a series of webinar that provide many interesting topics regarding IoT as the road to our main event. Here, we invite speakers with professional background to give numerous insight about the current condition in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry and its implementation in our life. We hope that through this webinar series, it can become a medium to educate and give a brand new insights for our audience from the professional perspective.


Our Workshop session wil consist of interactive training by inviting experienced trainers to introduce business model technology and IoT development. Packed with various activities, hands-on experience, and practice, you can expect to improve your understanding and skills regarding IOT development and its business model.